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Sunday Church

During the Sunday Morning Worship Services our Church welcomes young people to either remain in the service throughout or for the younger one's to take advantage of the opportunity to play freely and enjoy our creche where, for the children and their parents/carers the service can be heard through the church sound system.

Resources are available within the church for young people to use whilst remaining within the church service supervised by their parents/carers.

For Family Services and Parade Services, the Junior & Youth Church members usually remain in the service and often are involved during the service.

Ignite - Children's & Youth Ministry

Ignite is our Children's and Youth Ministry that operates in Matlock, Tansley, Darley Dale and Cromford and is facilitated through a dedicated Youth Worker supported by these four communities and their congregations.

Messy Church

Two Messy Churches are established locally, one in Matlock, one in Tansley. Messy Church provides a fun and engaging opportunity for children and their parents to explore the gospel message through creativity and celebration.  Events always include fun activities, a story, doing crafts, easy worship and delicious food.

Christian Club @ Highfields

Students at Highfields are encouraged in their faith both individually and corporately to grow in life and to understand and appreciate God's New Testament through games, craft activities and Bible studies.

Open The Book

Through active assemblies within primary and infant schools including All Saints, Castle View, Cromford, South Darley, Winster, Elton, Churchtown, Bonsall, St Giles and Holy Trinity, Christian volunteers are having lots of laughs and lots of fun by dressing up and delivering a wide range of Bible stories interactively with the children using props and costumes.  All resources through Bible Society

Holiday Club

During school holidays our Circuit Youth Worker and a team of experienced volunteers provide a themed holiday club of activities for young people to explore Christianity through interactive drama, stories, dance, music and crafts.

Messy Church

We have joined together with All Saints Church to provide regular Messy Church events.  Messy Church:-

  • is a way of being church for families involving fun
  • is found across the world
  • values are about being Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration
Messy Church


There are a number of websites provided for younger people who want to have fun and explore about the Christian faith.

We have provided links to just a few of them and hope that you enjoy visiting them.

Please click on the links below:

Methodist children and youth

URC children and youth

Circuit Youth Group

With the opportunity to share in Christian support and enjoy each others' company, the Circuit Youth Group is open to all teenage Christians in the Derbyshire Dales Circuit Churches.

The Circuit Youth Group is an informal meeting opportunity with occasional arranged activities that meets once each week, usually in group members or Church members homes.

The meeting is usually on a Sunday evening every week in term time with other events arranged from time to time.

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Sunday Church
Ignite - Children's & Youth Ministry
Messy Church
Circuit Youth Group
Weekday Childrens Activities

Weekday Childrens' Activities

Throughout the year our Church is the venue for a wide variety of activities for children of all ages. We have regular weekly events and annual or seasonal events as well. The groups that use the building are included in our Church & Circuit Groups

These activities and groups are an important part of the community support that Christians in our Church provide and the opportunity for fellowship and friendship to offer a Christian love is wonderful to witness.

Our own uniformed groups, Girls Brigade and Boys Brigade, provide a regular chance for youngsters to not only enjoy themselves and learn or develop new skills but to have the opportunity to learn of Jesus and explore their own faith and relationship with God.

The Brigade companies that are based at our Church are the 2nd Matlock Girls' Brigade and the 1st Matlock Boys' Brigade.


Our Church is wholly committed to protecting vulnerable people, especially children from harm and persecution. We have a Safeguarding Policy and Required Guidelines for all to follow.

Our volunteers who work with young people are all required to provide disclosure information and ensure that one-to-one encounters between volunteers and those in their care are completely avoided at all times.

Safeguarding Policy
The people of this Church are concerned with the wholeness of each individual within God's purpose.

We seek to safeguard people of all ages and therefore it is the responsibility of each of us to protect children and young people especially, from any form of physical, sexual or emotional harm.

Where activities are organised by this Church for children and young people the organisers must seek to provide a safe environment, suitable for the activities planned.

Non Church related groups/organisations who wish to use the Church premises will be advised of the policy statement, which is in line with the Home Office Code of Practice for the "Safeguarding of children & young people in voluntary organisations".

The organisers of all such groups will be expected to make every effort to follow the associated guidelines.

A copy of the Policy Statement and Guidelines will be given to such organisations when booking. Further copies are available from the Church Secretary's Office.

All the images of children used on this web site are intentionally anonymous and have been provided with the permission of their parents/guardians.

If you suspect anyone of causing anyone harm or failing to adhere rigidly to the Safeguarding Policy and Required Guidelines you should immediately inform a Church Steward, the Minister or the Superintendent Minister.

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