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The Lost Sheep 

Whilst Jesus was alive he told a parable about a shepherd who had 100 sheep and one got lost. This shepherd left the 99 sheep and went looking to find the one that was lost to bring it back to safety.

“Think about a man who has 100 sheep. He discovers that one of his sheep is not there with the others. What does he do? He leaves all his other sheep on the hills. He goes to look for the one lost sheep. And I tell you this. If he finds that lost sheep, he will be very happy. All the other sheep are safe together. But they do not make him as happy as this one sheep does. God, your Father in heaven, is like that shepherd. He does not want any of these little people to be lost, not even one of them.’”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭18:12-14‬ ‭EASY

Have you found a lost sheep? 


We've hidden some sheep around Matlock keep your eyes peeled.

Each Year we celebrate Easter… But what does that mean for you? Do you go on an egg hunt? Do you buy and eat lots of chocolate?


But did you know…


Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus rising from the dead, three days after he was executed upon a cross.

God sent Jesus to do this to save humans from their lives of sin (doing wrong things) and through his rising from the dead we can celebrate that God showed His love for us and is always searching to save those who are lost. The day Jesus rose from the dead an angel came and rolled the stone away, he told Mary to go and tell Jesus’ friends that HE WAS ALIVE, and that is the message Jesus gave to His friends to go and tell the whole world what he had done for them.

When Jesus died, he did this out of love for every single person so that not one person is lost or left behind. Our job as friends of Jesus is to spread the message that JESUS IS ALIVE and he is seeking and searching for all those who are lost.


Can you share the message of Easter?

Look through the links below to find out more about Easter or what events are happening in and around matlock this Easter time.

Easter Services @ MMURC

Messy Church

4pm in the

Community rooms. MMUR 10/04/22

For all details visit the Messy Church Facebook Page

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Family Celebrations @ Tansley and Matlock Moor
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“After the day of rest had finished, Mary from Magdala and Mary the mother of James got up early. It was dawn on the first day of the week. They went to the hole in the rock where Joseph had put the dead body of Jesus. At that moment, the ground moved about very strongly. One of the Lord God's angels came from heaven. He went to the rock. He rolled the big stone away from the hole and then he sat on top of it. He shone brightly like lightning. His clothes were very white like snow. The soldiers who were carefully watching that place were very frightened. They suddenly fell down on the ground. Like dead men, they could not move. Then the angel said to the women, ‘Do not be afraid. I know that you are looking for Jesus. The soldiers killed him on a cross. But he is not here. He has become alive again. That is what he said would happen. Come here. You can see the place where he was lying. Then you must go quickly to his disciples. Tell them, “Jesus is alive again, and he is going to Galilee. You must also go there and you will see him.” That is the message that I have brought for you.’”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭28:1-7‬ ‭EASY‬

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