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Litter Picking Tom

Tom Pilkington has been busy litter picking over the past few weeks as he's gone on his regular exercise walks from home. Each walk has been carefully planned to take him around the different streets and paths near where he lives. Tom bought a litter picker tool online and then started taking spare carrier bags with him on his walks and picking up litter as he went. So far Tom has collected 22 bags of picked litter and is targeting completion of 30 bags before the 16th May.

Tom's efforts it is hoped will be rewarded by members making donations to Church funds as a blessing for the Church and Tom's efforts being rewarded.

On most of his walks, Tom usually ends up chatting to folk he meets on route. One day he happened across someone who was a local councillor and they started talking about the litter picking. Tom discovered that there is something more to litter picking than meets the eye. Litter picked from the streets and paths is classed as trade waste and shouldn't just be put in your own domestic bins. The local councils provide special pink bags and will both provide the bags and loan out litter pickers for free to volunteers who want to help. If you'd like to also become a litter picker on your exercise walks, then please contact your local council for guidance.

Well done Tom. Thank you.

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