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Maybe Group meets again!

After far too long without meeting, the informal Maybe Group is meeting again. The Maybe Group is open to everyone to come along, believer or not, and provides opportunities to socialise and get together to be together and simply enjoy one another's company.

The events are wide ranging from theatre trips to marvel at the story telling of theatrical companies, to simple walks in the countryside to be immersed in incredibly beautiful nature and quite often, there's food involved when there's a local restaurant to visit and enjoy their culinary delights.

There's no long term commitments involved, no meetings or minutes or actions, just when it's realised that the Maybe Group hasn't met for a while, maybe it's time to meet again.

Image by Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Anke on Pixabay

The next date for a Maybe Group event may be on Saturday 22nd October, if enough can make it. If this is of interest, then maybe get in touch to say so? Everyone's welcome as are ideas for enjoyable things to do.

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