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Message from Rev Helen Penfold

Dear All, please find attached a letter setting out what will be happening on Sunday. I hope it’s self explanatory but please come back to me if you have any questions.

Please do share it as far and wide as you can as I don’t have contact emails for everyone and it’s too late to be posting multiple copies.

Two things to think about:

- I am planned to be at church on 20 December, obviously this would normally be our carol service, would you like to have part of this outside so we could sing out loud? Perhaps we could use the car park to distance from one another and of course the weather might be rather prohibitive, do you have any thoughts about this?

- Christmas Eve - would you like a communion service on this day, at a time to suit the majority who would want it. I cannot do the morning but could do any time from say 2pm onwards.

- Christmas Day - if we want to have a service on 27 December then it would be a case of asking people to mark where they have sat so that we could avoid those seats on 27 December as we wouldn’t have opportunity for a full clean in between. Any thoughts?

I do hope you are keeping safe and well and will remain so.

God bless you

Dear Friends (return to church)
Download PDF • 22KB

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