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We're opening soon...1st Nov. - See UPDATE

At a special Church Council meeting on Monday evening and following a survey of Church Members, the decision has been taken to open the Church building for a first Worship Service since lockdown on Sunday 1st November @ 10:30am.

The Church will be fully cleaned in the week before opening and the preparations will be completed for our first worship service together as a congregation since March.

We're hoping to be able to use technology to enable those who are not able to come to the service, either through choice or circumstance, to still be able to use Zoom and be able to join the service on their computer or tablet or smartphone.

Nobody should feel obliged to be at the service. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of being there, then please do not pressure yourself into coming to Church.

The congregation will be required to wear a face covering whilst in the building and no singing will be possible. Test & Trace information will be required to be provided for all who attend and in accordance with guidelines, will only by provided to NHS & Health Authorities when required to do so to allow contact in the event of a positive test.  The information will be kept for 21 days.

Everyone who wants to attend should first be sure that they do not have any COVID 19 symptoms nor have been in close contact with anyone who has symptoms or had a recent positive COVID 19 test.  If in any doubt, please do not attend.

The risk assessments are available in the Keep in Contact section of this website for Church Members to be able to access them. Copies will be available on request. These will be under ongoing review as we respond to new guidance and as we learn what works and what doesn't in this new situation of providing a COVID safe place for worship and other activities.

The Church Council also agreed that opening the Community Halls for the Brigade meetings would follow as soon after the opening of the Church for worship as possible.

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