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Church from the Bus

As an extension of work commenced in Chesterfield by Church Army Leader Captain Alan Park, the Church from the Bus now takes place at Cornerstone Christian Bookshop in Matlock on Dale Road every week.

The Church from the Bus is welcoming to anyone and especially to those who are in need of support such as those who are homeless; lonely; suffering addictions; or just in need of someone to talk to.

On Tuesdays afternoons between 1:00pm and 2:30pm volunteers give out a few tins and packet foods; serve tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sandwiches, biscuits and occasionally cakes (often donated by Butterfingers Bakery).

More importantly the Cornerstones venue provides a safe place for people to feel welcomed, be able to sit quietly in comfort, to chat, to ask questions, and to pray. The afternoon ends with prayers and worship.

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A wide range of volunteers from Churches Together offer friendship and practical advice, fellowship, Christian love and prayers, if asked, for anyone who steps on board.


Church from the Bus in Chesterfield now meets every Monday and Thursday evening from 6.45pm to 7.45pm (apart from Bank Holiday Mondays) in the upstairs facilities at Grace Chapel. Access is from the rear entrance off Rose Hill.

Volunteers also provide hot & cold refreshments and food for free as well has having clothing, shoes, blankets and preserved foods for those in need.

The Church on the Bus is supported in prayer and in practice by funds and donations from several Derbyshire Churches.

Please Contact Us for more information or to offer your help and support.


Community Support - Local & National

As a part of the community the Church provides a means of support for a wide variety of charitable organisations both locally and nationally.

A large proportion of our Church Members give of their time and talents in support of charitable work as well as giving of their own resources and finance.

The principal charitable organisations that are supported by this Church include

For her work in support of the Matlock Hospital League of Friends, Pam Wildgoose, a Member of our Church has received an MBE.

Through the volunteers of the Church Toddler Group that provides an informal play and chat environment for toddlers and their carers, the Church has provided Parenting Courses to support young families in the Church Family and wider community as they learn to raise their children.

The Matlock Area Schools Trust is an interdenominational trust formed to support lay people ministering in our local schools. The M.A.S.T team has a passion to teach young people the fundamentals of the Bible.

Local schools invite M.A.S.T team members to provide school assemblies to all ages of school children.

The team members also regularly lead worship in the local Churches. A news letter and monthly prayer letter are available from their website publications page.


There are regular Worship Services that occur at local facilities for the elderly within Matlock.

At Claremont Nursing Home there is a regular weekly service on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. led mainly by a Lay Preacher and once each month this is a Communion Service led by one of the Ordained Ministers.

At Victoria Court Sheltered Housing there is a monthly Communion & Worship Service on the 3rd Monday in each month @ 2:30pm which is organised through Matlock Moor Church.

The Church premises are often the venue for public performances by the Matlock Operatic Society, the Dalesmen Male Voice Choir and other local performing arts groups.

Please visit the Facilities & Location section for further information on the premises amenities.

Many of the international aid agencies that are supported also provide support within the United Kingdom.

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Community Support - International

In reaching out to the world our Church has links with a number of organisations and individuals who are at work for God across the globe and in some of the hardest of locations to survive let alone practice your faith.

We believe that our calling is to support fellow human beings in the hope of lifting them from their adversity through our faithful actions.

Our Church congregation provides significant support to the Aquabox project that is an initiative of the Wirksworth branch of Rotary International.

This amazingly useful scheme provides literally millions of litres of clean drinking water to some of the poorest and most devastated people using an incredibly simple-to-use box and filter system to clean polluted water into pure, safe drinking water.

The Aquabox boxes are transported from the UK filled with essential aid items and filter packs and then the boxes, once emptied, are used to process the polluted water and have saved thousands, perhaps millions of lives. Great care is taken to ensure the safe transit of the boxes to those who really need them.

We are linked to the Armenian Ministries organisation through a Member of our Church and we support Vanessa Cook who is in Service for God in Germany.

Our Church also supports Dorothy who is a young lady in a Spurgeons Orphanage in Kenya and has supported Roy and Jane Dodman who are working in impoverished parts of Kingston, Jamaica.

Wherever there are disasters, either man made or natural, this Church Family has sought to give generously to support the combined international relief agencies with financial donations.

The monies collected at the regular Friday lunches, as well as going towards supporting the work of the Church in Matlock, is often donated to specific areas of need around the world.

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