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ALL WE CAN emergency Beirut appeal

Having seen the tragic news in Beirut, we would like to draw your attention to the All We Can emergency appeal if you feel you are being called to help. Please continue to hold the people of Beirut in your prayers.

On 4 August, a devastating explosion occurred at a warehouse in the Port of Beirut, causing widespread casualties and catastrophic damage to homes, hospitals, and other buildings throughout the area. Initial reports indicate more than 135 people were killed, and an additional 5,000 people were injured. Action is now being taken to find many more, who remain missing. It is estimated by the Lebanese Government that the explosion has left more than 300,000 people homeless. Hospitals have struggled to cope with the number of casualties, with many intensive care units already near capacity as the country struggles to deal with the impact of Coronavirus.
All We Can is working with a local partner in Lebanon to help provide the support needed to those in greatest need. Please give generously to help save lives today.

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