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If you are reading this section of our website then it can be assumed that you are sceptical about the Christian faith and probably about the existence of God, the Holy Spirit and about Jesus Christ too.

It is likely that perhaps you might have questions that you would want answered?


You might consider visiting the Alpha Course website to explore whether going on an Alpha Course would give you the right opportunity to explore the Christian faith? You will be following millions of others who have taken this path of exploration, sceptics included. Alpha courses operate for all ages and for all circumstances across much of the developed world and in many different situations.

If that doesn't appeal to you and you just want to ask questions, then rather than our trying to limit you with our idea about your questions, why not just ask us? You can Contact Us to put your point of view, to challenge the aspects of Christian faith that you don't understand or agree with.

Or come and join us on a Sunday Morning and quiz us in person, we would love to chat.

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