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Special Occasions

Image by Josh Applegate

Thinking of holding your special occasion at Matlock Methodist and United Reformed church?

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals or Thanksgiving services are very individual occasions for those involved and allow the Church to be used for these occasions as a service both to the Church family and to the wider community.

When you want to have a service for you or someone you love, whether it is a baptism, wedding, funeral or thanksgiving then there can be a number of reasons for selecting a Church in which to arrange your event.

We pray that for everyone the main reason is that they have faith in God and love the Lord Jesus and want to have His blessing on their event and for it to be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Practical information on the facilities that the Church is blessed with can be found in our section on 'Facilities & Location' .

The Church is well decorated throughout with plain colours that do not restrict your colour theme for your event and the Church is well kept such that it provides a suitable setting for everyone.

With ceiling mounted air circulation fans, central heating and triple glazing the Church is a warm and welcoming environment in summer or winter and the Church benefits from plentiful natural light as well as comprehensive artificial lighting.

The benefits of the full accessibility to both floors including a passenger lift between the main levels mean that everyone can get around the building easily from pushchairs to wheelchairs.

For more information please contact us

Image by Nick Karvounis
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