Sunday Services

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We are open again

The Church is now open again for both Services and Community Halls use and bookings.

Sunday Services at 10:30am are hybrid as they are live in Church and also available live on Zoom, everyone is welcome.

If you are attending Church please only do so if you are well and have no Covid 19 symptoms.  

Not everyone feels comfortable or able to attend the building therefore for the foreseeable future we will be streaming the service  through 'zoom' at the same time.  See below for more details.

Services in the building

Our Church Building is OPEN.

The Sunday services start at 10.30am but please arrive no earlier than 10:10am. 


After the recent Government announcements, the restrictions in the Church risk assessments have been reviewed. 

  1. Voluntary mask wearing and advisory social distancing are to be encouraged when in the building. 

  2. The reminder signage will remain. 

  3. Test & Trace information will no longer be collected at the entrances. 

  4. Hand sanitation provisions and disposable masks etc. are to remain available for everyone to use on entry/exit. 

  5. Ventilation actions will continue when the situation may be crowded.

  6. You are encouraged to take a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) before coming to the building.

Congregational singing is allowed and the limits on the numbers of people in a room are lifted.


Group meetings and activities in the Community Halls may continue.  Please contact the Church Bookings Secretary for details and a copy of the Church Risk Assessment.  Groups using the building will need to provide their own risk assessments prior to recommencing activities.


​Please DO NOT attend Church if:

  1. You feel at all unwell

  2. Within 7 days feel you may have had any COVID19 symptoms

  3. you have a positive test result.

Please also do not feel any pressure to attend, we will be streaming to zoom for the foreseeable future, see below for more info. 


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Image by Charles Deluvio
Services  online

We are providing all our services online in two ways.

You can join us on Zoom at 10.15am for a chat and a catch up before the service is live streamed to your home. 

After the service we join in small groups for 10 minutes for more fellowship. 

For joining details click here 

If you are unable to attend in person all our services are recorded for YouTube and posted later on a Sunday.

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