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Welcome to the family of Christ

Whether you are just on the fringes of faith or you are a committed Christian you will always be welcomed into the wide family of God. You might start your journey of faith in many ways; most would agree that it is important to find a Church base to help you grow in faith. This base may take many different shapes; it may be a group of people you worship with online, a small group of people that you meet with weekly or you may wish to be involved with a larger Church body. It is important that you find somewhere where you find friendship and where you are comfortable so you can grow in faith. Somewhere where you can find people to help you be accountable, where you can learn and be challenged.

We welcome all visitors openly into our Church and we would love to pray for you on your journey.  If you think this may be the place where you would like to  join our family then there are many ways to do this.

Below are generic steps you may take, some of these might happen all at once, some steps may take years, some steps may be missed altogether. It is your journey with God and yours alone. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Get in touch: you could chat to us online via email or on Facebook. Perhaps you might like to drop into the building when it’s open or join one of a social event.

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Experience what the church has on offer, maybe try out a group or join us for Sunday worship either online or in the building. This week’s worship plans can be found in our pop-up window or have a look at what's on this week.


Join one of our fellowship groups, there are a variety available from traditional house groups to the social 'Maybe' group. This is a great way to make friends and create accountability. You might find that attending this is as important or more important to you than a Sunday service. Remember it is your journey.


Have you got kids? You may like to get your kids involved; we have something for all ages. We also have family events throughout, all age services and a monthly Messy Church.


Donate; as Christians we are encouraged not to covet money but be generous in heart. Part of this action is by giving money (tithing), this may be to a Charity of your choice, or to the Church. By giving to the offertory you are sustaining our ability to continue to do things well and offer our services to the local community.


Serve; there are lots of ways to volunteer in the church, it might be serving as part of the team on a Sunday, helping with the upkeep of the property, helping to fundraise or perhaps being part of the prayer team. 


Become a member,

Membership of the Methodist or United Reformed Church is not a requirement of attending worship services or any of the regular meetings or activities held in the Church premises. Church Membership is for when an individual has reached a decision in their faith life that means they are prepared to commit themselves to following Jesus Christ in their daily lives.

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