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Christening Service video Sunday 4th Sept.

Sunday 4th September is a special date for Nova, his family and the congregation as he was christened into the Church family. Rev. Tony Wells led the service supported by Steward Yvonne Brant and there is a link to the edited video of the service below. The order of service is also provided together with videos of the hymns that were sung so that it is possible to rebuild the service to see the worship and christening again.

The theme of the service was 'At a price' and Tony expanded on this to remind everyone that to follow Jesus Christ, there is a price that needs to be understood and that the cost reaps the benefits and privilege of a life with Jesus, filled with joy and love. It is prayed that Nova will be able to come to understand this himself and be supported by his family and the whole Church to enable him to know the love and joy in being a Christian.

Image by Irinya Bakurskaya on Pixabay

220904 Ordinary 23 Year C Baptism copy for stewards
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