Christian Aid Week 2022 May 15th - 21st

This message includes the opportunity to help raise funds for Christian Aid and an invite to a thank you event for fundraisers happening this summer near Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Christian Aid Week is a joyful celebration of our determination to change the world, through our gifts, prayers, and actions. The week was founded by the church, for the church, to fight for dignity, equality and justice. For over 70 years, Christian Aid Week has mobilised thousands of churches and individuals in Britain and Ireland every May. From house-to-house collections to Big Brekkies, Christian Aid Week brings people together as one community against global poverty. Every envelope, Every gift, Every fundraising challenge, Every Big Brekkie helps change lives.

This year, Christian Aid has again provided loads of supporting information and access to resources to help raise funds in loads of other ways in addition to the house to house collections of old. MMURC is not going to make any house to house collection this year because of both our diminished team of collectors and to avoid the remaining risks of Covid transmission.

The link here will take you to a fundraising page that has been set up specifically for our Church for you to be able to donate to Christian Aid Week 2022 and to share with others for them to donate as well.

In addition an application has been made for a tap and pay device that we hope to receive in time to enable donations to be be made easily and contactlessly.

If you are able and willing to help with raising funds for Christian Aid Week 2022, then please contact Mike Haynes for help and access to resources and ideas.

East Midlands Christian Aid is also wanting to say thank you to the army of collectors that have raised funds over the years and continue to raise funds. There is an event planned for Saturday 25th June 12 – 3pm at Meynell Langley House and Estate near Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Please see the attached flyer below for information.

EM Celebration 2022
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