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Christianity Month of May - Update

How you can get involved inn Christianity Month of May:

Praying for our Circuit

  • Each day in May we will be praying for each church, for our Circuit Ministers and for other groups in the circuit. A prayer, or a note about what they would like us to pray for, and a photograph relating to each church, person or group to be prayed for will appear on the circuit Facebook page and on the circuit website – a different one each day.

  • A paper copy of the prayer calendar will be available in the crush hall or ask Roanna.

  • The link to the page on the circuit website is: Mid Derbyshire Methodist Circuit | Christianity Month: Circuit Prayer Calendar (

Christianity Month Prayer Calendar - update
Download PDF • 170KB

Praying 24/10 during Thy Kingdom Come

  • A sign up sheet for TKC is available at church this Sunday Morning. We are encouraged to pray during certain times to help the circuit complete a non stop 24 hour prays through the 10 days of TKC. For this we are praying for people to come to know God amongst other things, prayer points can be downloaded here.

Prayers and Readings in Difficult Times (2020)
Download PDF • 97KB

Paisley Doodle Template
Download PDF • 1.84MB

Prayers and Readings at the time of the invasion of Ukraine (2022)
Download PDF • 98KB

Prayers and Readings for Pentecost
Download PDF • 95KB

Prayer Points for Thy Kingdom Come
Download PDF • 198KB

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