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Coffee Morning @ MMURC - 9th April

Saturday 9th April 10:00-12:00 - ALL WELCOME

In aid of Ukraine refugees

Image by jorono from Pixabay

To celebrate the re-opening of the Church & Community Halls and to have a first opportunity to put on an event to help raise funds for the Ukraine refugees, you are invited to come to a coffee morning on Saturday 9th April 10:00 - 12:00 in the Community Halls on the lower level of the building. This is an opportunity to talk about what ways the community can help support refugees who will be coming to Matlock. Image by Katja S. Verhoeven from Pixabay

As well as thinking about refugees and the needs of others caught up in conflicts around the world, there are volunteering opportunities available through the Church to help the Matlock and wider community. The coffee morning is an opportunity to discuss any ideas you may have for what these needs are and how they might be addressed. There will be cakes and biscuits, hot & cold drinks, a warm welcome and the opportunity to also help the Church with the cost of the spire repairs if you wish to.

The Church & Community Halls are used every week as the venue for groups and organisations to have their meetings and activities. There are some daytime and evening slots that are available for new groups to either come along or be started, so if you have ideas for youth work or support of others in the community, or you know of a group looking for a venue, please come to the coffee morning to talk about them too. The Community Halls and Church can also be hired as the venue for your own events including such as birthdays, family gatherings, etc.

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