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Community engagement beyond lockdown- What is God asking of us now?

The Methodist Church has lots of free content, webinars and interesting things going on at the moment. If you are interested in the life of The Methodist Church as the wider denomination perhaps you might like to sign up to the newsletter.

Below is a brief description of an online event coming on the 14th April and 7pm, the event is free and may be a great resource to help think about life in the church a year on from the start of the pandemic.

A webinar on Wednesday 14 April at 7pm will ask What is God asking of us now? Our churches may well look very different to how they did in 2019, and our communities' needs may well have changed. Join Mission and Community Engagement Officer, Emma Nash to hear about fresh mission opportunities, pick up ideas and resources and, most importantly, you'll find a space to ask yourself: what is the one thing God is asking of our church now? Find out more here.

For more information and more events you may wish to attend click here

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