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Don’t get together, let’s pray together Sunday 2.30pm

Don’t get together, let’s pray together

Whilst we can’t get together in person, you’re all invited to pray together at 2:30pm on Easter Sunday and to pray specifically for:

our church, our minister, the circuit, our stewards, our pastoral team, each other and our families. 

You could perhaps choose to take your exercise outing at around that time, weather and other things permitting, and turn your walk into a prayer walk.  If you live close enough to Church, your route could even go that way to be able to pray for our church, at our church, as you take a short rest or just pass by.  Or, if you have one, you can just step into your garden and close your eyes to visualise and pray about our church and all who are associated with it.

However and wherever you choose to pray, you will know that others you know are praying at that time too. We pray that this will bring you comfort and a feeling of fellowship.  We will all be praying to be back together again soon, safe and well. 

God bless,

Mission and Outreach Team

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