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Easter Sunday

Today's Hymn has been chosen by Roanna Pilsbury and our Prayer written by Tony Pratt.

Renewing and life-giving God, as we celebrate again your victory over death and triumph over evil, open our hearts today to the way you are able to change our lives and transform our world. Remind us of your resurrection power all around us, bringing hope out of despair, joy out of sorrow, peace out of turmoil and love out of hatred, and in that faith may we live now and trust for the future, assured that nothing can defeat your purpose or deny the life you offer for all eternity, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Don't forget to join the church family in Prayer at 2.30pm.

We hope we will see you back here at 6.50pm for our Easter Sunday Cross transformation, followed by a message from Rev Helen at 7pm. (you may need to refresh your page at 7pm.)

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