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Hearing the Good News

Not being able to attend or meet in Church may have a had a huge impact on how often you read or hear the Good news. Maybe you find it hard to read scripture on your own or you may need something to guide you in what to read. Here are a few places to help if you are struggling to dig into your Bibles. Or maybe you need some encouraging words to help you get through this new way of life whilst in isolation.

The lectionary readings, daily readings and prayers can be found on the Methodist website or you can download the app onto a phone or tablet here.

You may also like to visit the Methodist website for a daily bible study here.

The youversion bible app has daily readings, bible plans that focus on a vast array of topics and themes. You can sit and listen to someone reading scripture in various different versions and there is also a way to connect in prayer with friends who also use the app. You can download the app here.

Or maybe in these times you just want to focus on a picture with an encouraging piece scripture here

For those not online you can listen to 'Daily Hope' , a free phone line of hymns, reflection and prayers.

Whatever situation you find yourself in know that God is with you and that situation. Reach out to him, read or listen to his word and you will find understanding, peace, love or whatever it is that you are looking for!

Written by Rachel Barclay

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