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Lent Acts 28th March-2nd April – Serve (Love) your neighbour

You may like to pick one suggestion each week or try to complete them all it’s completely up to you we just encourage you to ACT.

28th March-2nd April – Serve (Love) your neighbour

-Start simple: gather together a few bags of your belongings to take to your local charity shop. And not just the scraps – let’s give some good stuff away too!

-Fix something quick and simple for someone today. Change a light bulb, sew on a button, or teach someone a few shortcuts on the computer.

-We’ve probably all got things at home we can share. A spare nearly-new toolkit, two copies of the same book ... you get the idea. What could you share with someone else today? Snap a photo and post it on social media, letting your friends know they can have it for free.

-Bring in your neighbours’ bins this week – or even for the whole street!

-Bake some cookies or muffins and drop them off at your local fire station.

-Invite someone who normally eats alone to have a meal with you.

Download the file for the whole of lent below or watch out for our weekly blog posts

“The Queen has served her country and Commonwealth for 70 years. To honour her, let’s join together in 70 Acts of Service during 2022. We’ve loads of ideas to help you to get your village, town or city involved.”

We’ve grouped together suggestions of ways to serve for each week in lent from the Platinum Jubilee Website

Perhaps during Lent we can make a dint into the suggested 70 acts of service before the Jubilee in June!

Mission and Outreach Team

Lent Acts
Download PDF • 83KB

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