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Levi's Banquet - service video 25th Sept.

The Communion Service this week was led by Rev. Juan Thompson supported by Steward Penny Brown. Very current to events in the UK, the service focussed on when Jesus spent time with the tax collectors and sat at a banquet with them. Reflect today on how the invitation to have faith in God is for everyone, the righteous, the sinners and the tax collectors, regardless of their situation and anything else.

Following the example of Jesus by believing in Him and welcoming God and the Holy Spirit into our lives is what is needed at anytime and especially now.

Listen to the message in this service by viewing the video here. The order of service and videos of the hymns that were sung are provided below.

Image by Gini George on Pixabay

Order of Service 25th Sept 2022
Download PDF • 373KB

Hymn for Levis Banquet service 25th Sept Rev. Sheila Baldock
Download DOCX • 13KB

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