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Levi's Banquet - Sunday 1st Oct. video

Rev. Sheila Baldock led this Communion Service on the theme of Levi's Banquet. The message focussed on how Jesus accepts everyone unconditionally and thinking about the people that today are accepted despite everything they might do.

The edited video of the service and links to the hymns that were sung are provided below together with the Order of Service. Sheila had composed words to be sung to the tune of Hymns & Psalms 530, so the words are provided together with a link to the tune being played.

Order of Service for 1st October 2023
Download PDF • 255KB
mmurc zoom worship
Download PDF • 204KB

The hymn tune below is the one used to sing with the words that were written by Rev. Sheila Baldock and these are provided here:

Pharisees complaining - Sheila Baldock to tune H&P 530
Download PDF • 221KB

If you need prayer and support there is information available here:

If you would like to make an online offering to support the Church you can do that here:

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