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Nativity Service success

'What a wonderful service'; 'Thanks to everyone involved, especially the children'; 'That was a very colour filled nativity'; 'How clever to find a new way to tell this amazing story'.

The service was developed and written by Tom Pilkington and performed by children from the congregation and both of the two Brigades that are based at the Church. The theme of the nativity was to focus on all the colours that would have been seen at the time of the Birth of Jesus and on the journey to Bethlehem. The songs that were performed also had colours in the lyrics and the children particularly could be heard singing beautifully.

If you missed it, then we're sorry, we're not able to provide a video of the nativity service, as we do not have permission for all of the children involved to be included in the video. Sometimes, you just have to be somewhere to be able to enjoy what goes on.

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