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Run 100 laps for Christian Aid Week

I am a lifelong non-runner.  58 years old.  Not a war-time veteran.  My solo runner challenge is to complete a cumulative 100 laps jogging around a local-to-my-home football pitch during daily runs.  6pm-7pm 10th -16th May.  I am not looking forward to this.  Not at all. Christian Aid Week is going ahead online because you can't defer or cancel being poor and facing the COVID-19 virus.  The usual, house-to-house collections that would raise millions are not possible this year.  Mike's solo runner challenge and using a JustGiving page is one way to raise some desperately needed funding. The QR code below should take you straight there.

We've already shown incredible kindness to our neighbours.  Now is the time to reach out to our neighbours both near and far.  Our love can help protect others, with soap, clean water, PPE and medical supplies. Not everyone has the NHS in the COVID-19 Crisis.   Let's stand together with our neighbours near and far.  By supporting Christian Aid Week we can reach out and give hope to more of our neighbours today.   Please help Christian Aid help them.

Please stay tuned throughout the week to see what other people are doing to raise money and updates on Mike's running challenge.

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