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Spring Harvest at home

Spring Harvest is a conference that has been taking place for many years at Minehead and Skegness Butlins during the Easter School holidays and more recently at Harrogate too. It is a little like Cliff College festival but on a larger scale, with seminars, worship, teaching and activities available for all ages. This year to make sure no one is missing out it is coming to you FREE in the comfort of your own home. You may remember Rev Robert Foster telling us about it last year on a Sunday morning, well we now have the chance to experience it for free, 'try before you buy!'

It is a fantastic resource, it's all based on YouTube, but if you want more information visit the Spring Harvest Home Page by clicking Here

Last night we watched live with 7500 Christians across the world.

You can access the content on the Spring Harvest you tube channel


Simple search Spring Harvest in your YouTube search bar.

Once on their homepage, it's fairly easy to work your way around what's available (once you've got the hang of it), here are some screenshots to help.

The above image is the home page

Latest videos will feature here, or ones about to 'go live' or 'premiere'.

If you click along the top, onto PLAYLISTS, you will see all that is on offer in helpful categories.

Content is being uploaded daily.

You can browse content at your own leisure in addition to watching live programme.

The programme is as follows for the next few days:

The whole programme is downloadable HERE

if you need any help there is a useful document

to use as a guide.

We will open up a forum discussion, if anyone has enjoyed a particular teaching please share it in the Keep in 'contact' area so others can easily find it; with either a link, or the name of the video and the playlist it's is in.

We danced in our living rooms to Big Start whilst on a video chat to another family doing the same

Please take a look as there is a lot to occupy your day.

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