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Strange Times

Rev Kate and Paul Strange have been doing daily bible studies since the beginning of lockdown, they are generally live at 7am though this might change next week. They always follow the days verse on the 'you version' Bible app, so the discussion is always from the heart, and spirit led as they have little time to prep.

Rev Kate is great at putting the Bible verse into context of the placement in the whole story before they go into a great discussion about what the verses mean in the bible and in our context. Each one is different but they usually end in a song and prayer. Yesterday was all about Love, 1 Corinthians 13:13. Paul, one of our circuit stewards talks very briefly about change within the Methodist Church nearer the end of the conversation. Some are not without there technically hitches as they are live, this one suffered sound issues, so skip to 4:20 before pressing play and you will come in at the start of the conversation.

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