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Living with diversity - The heart of the Gospel

Sunday Worship on 20th February will be led by Rev. David Glasson with Steward Penny Brown. David will preach on the theme of Living with diversity - the heart of the Gospel.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

If you are planning to come to the Church, please consider others who may be concerned about the risks of infection of COVID 19, flu and other airborne viruses. Please think about and take appropriate actions to help protect yourself and others including choosing not to come if you feel unwell or if you have been in close contact with someone who is unwell. Please also consider taking a lateral flow test prior to deciding to come and if you do come bring a face covering with you if you want to wear one. Hand sanitiser and other resources are available at the Church.

The Order of Service is provided below.

Order of Service Matlock Methodist 20th February 2022
Download PDF • 105KB

The service is at the Church starting at 10:30am and is also available to enjoy live on line - details how to join are below.

mmurc zoom worship details
Download PDF • 55KB

A video recording will be made of the service and this will be edited and then posted on YouTube, and made available through this website, for if you want to view it again or you want to tell someone else so that they can watch it.

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