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The Rainbow Spirit a story book for Christian Aid Week

Roanna is raising money for Christian Aid Week by writing a story book.

"I asked my husband how I could raise money baring in mind I'm locked in with a small toddler that demands most of my attention. He suggested I wrote a song about an 'Isolating Rainbow'; having slightly missed the mark of where my talents lie, I wrote a story book instead."

This story has been written for Christian Aid week. Our Church would normally raise a lot of money with a door to door collection this week of the year, so this year we've had to change tact. The money raised will go towards helping those countries that are facing this pandemic who are so much less fortunate than we are.

The story is about what happened to the Rainbow during lock-down, you can download it through the Just Giving page, it is free to download and enjoy, but please think about the cause it was written for and donate if you are able.

I'm only two days late, it took me a little longer to put together with the demanding toddler than expected."

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