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Matlock Carehome Keyworker Thank You

Our five local care homes have special key workers who are facing the front-line here in Matlock and are looking after the most vulnerable in our community. To say thank you to them and to let them know that the congregation of our Church is praying for them and appreciates what they're going through, it has been decided to give them thank you gifts - and you're invited to join in with the thanks too.

In preparation, each of the care homes has been contacted to make sure that they are okay to receive the gifts, in respect specifically of COVID-19 infection risks. As a consequence, the choice of treats is only those that have individual wrappings. The number of staff was established, to make sure that the quantities given are sufficient for all staff, carers, caterers, cleaners, administrators and managers in each setting. The responses to the phone calls were very gracious and the people spoken with were extremely touched and a little surprised, to know that our Church wanted to give every one of the 275 employees in the care homes something, to say thank you.

The gifts will also be accompanied by a letter from Rev. Helen and some Hope 2020 resources, so that the staff will see something of the love of Jesus and have the opportunity to reflect on it, it is prayed. If you'd like to help with the costs, then you're welcome to make a donation - please contact us to find out how.

If you want to thank the keyworkers yourself, then a thank you card might be very much appreciated and if you want to, contact them and ask about what gifts would be welcome.

Matlock Carehomes: Presentation Sisters Care Centre, Valley Lodge, Long Meadow, Meadow View Care & Lilybank Hamlet.

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