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Matlock prayer challenge - Flooding our local area in prayer this autumn/winter

Prayer walk


We would love to encourage everyone to go on prayer walks this autumn/winter. What is a prayer walk? A prayer walk can be whatever you want it to be as long as you pray. It might be that you pray on your walk to work for the people you pass. It may be that you go out of your way to pray for places you don’t normally pass. You might stop and stand to pray, you may be in continuous conversation with God as you walk. This might be something you do on your own or you may do it in a group.

Try a treasure hunt? Start by praying for the holy spirit to be the guide to your journey, ask for images and words of places or people that might need prayer and then set off expectant.

Join in from home


We know it’s not always possible to get out the house, but that doesn’t need to stop you joining in. If you are comfortable with the internet you can find out where we’re praying for each week on our website ‘news’ pages or on Facebook. You don’t have to be able to use a computer to join in. You can walk around Matlock in a meditation, thinking about the places you know well, the people you might see, the houses you would pass. Perhaps you have a map of the area and you could trace the roads with your finger or a pen as you pray for each place.

Visit our prayer wall


At the back of the church you will find the prayer wall covered in a map of Matlock. Each week we hope to see this map grow and evolve. We will pin pictures of the local places we will be praying for on the map. You can pin your written prayers on and add your stories of experiences you’ve had. Highlight the roads you’ve prayed for and watch as we flood Matlock in Prayer.

Share your walks and stories


Matlock may seem like a little town but when you look at it street by street it’s quite a big place. We want to hear your stories of where you’ve been and who you’ve seen. This could be as simple as to let us know you prayed for a street and we can highlight the prayer map for you. It might be that you met someone and prayed together. Perhaps you had a word from God. Let’s keep talking and see how we can touch Matlock with the grace of the holy spirit.

Oikos Outreach app


If you like to record your activity on an app there is the Oikos Outreach app. Here you can record where you have prayed and see where other people have prayed.

Any questions , contact us through the website or speak to a member of the mission and outreach team or a steward.

Prayer leaflet grey 2
Download PDF • 885KB

You can find an A4 copy of this to send to your friends or print off for members of the church who do not have access to the internet here.

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